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#A16-01 12.5-Inch Ivory Linen Shade
12.5-Inch Ivory Linen Shade-12.5-Inch Ivory Linen Shade
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12.5-Inch Ivory Linen Shade


  • Top: 4.25-Inches
  • Bottom: 12.25-Inches
  • Side 8.5-Inches

Product Details:

Linen Fabric Shades are a simple easy choice for your home's lamps.

Each one is made with high quality materials and is the perfect addition to your mason jar lamp.

The Linen Shades also pair wonderfully with antique lamp bases from years gone by.

Ivory Linen fabric with a hard back lining.

Features a spider shade fitting designed to be used with a harp.

Harp and finial are not included.

  • Linen fabric with hardback liner
  • Spider fitting